Behind the Scenes: The Creation of Precision Clean

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Ever wonder how a company got started? Or maybe who came up with the idea and how a small business beat the odds of failing within the first year? Well here are your answers on how Precision Clean became Precision Clean.

In the fall of 2011 I was eight months pregnant with my second son. My other son was two and in full time daycare. I was working as a Quality Assurance Officer on Fort Bragg and for the most part liked my job. What I didn't like was being away from my son all day. At this time there was a major reduction-in-force for government civilians and I was "let go." I wasn't too upset at the time because I had already planned to be out for 12 weeks of maternity leave so I thought I would have plenty of time to find another job before my maternity leave was up. Or so I thought.... 

After coming close to taking jobs I really didn't want and even closer to getting a job that I really did want (8 interviews for this particular job) my husband and I decided we would create a job for me. I was now in a precarious spot-I really wanted to get back into the workforce and help contribute to our family but at this point I tasted what it was like to be a stay-at-home mom and being able to do all the things I wanted to do with my children...without having to ask my boss for time off. 

On a drive to Florida in August 2012 my husband and I were on conversation #3875 on what I wanted to do to make me happy (and in turn him!) We somehow started discussing about a residential cleaning business. I have always had a housecleaner-even when I was single. I felt like I knew exactly what a customer was looking for and what the entire experience should be like.  By the time we arrived in Florida we had already come up with a name, did tons of online research, and had already created an outline for a business plan. By mid-November we were officially open for business with one full time cleaner and 2 part time cleaners. I guess I had a good sales pitch to these ladies because they accepted the job with no work yet!

I knew there were plenty of mothers like me that wanted or needed to work but being away from home on nights and weekends took a toll on them and their children. This is why I decided that Precision Clean will only be open Monday-Friday, 9-5. Then on the flipside I knew there were mothers who needed some help to take care of their home so the precious time they do have free, was not used up with keeping their house clean. They feel guilty their homes are dirty and then they feel guilty they are cleaning and not spending their free time with those who matter most-it's an endless guilt-fest! 

Precision Clean has been in business for 5 years next month and we opened our second location in Columbia this year (got to love military moves!) I think one reason we made it past the dreaded first year is that when I hire employees I tell them that Precision Clean is a family run business-which means family comes first. You need time off to go see your child in a play at school, volunteer to be a chaperone, or just drop them off on their first day of school-then I will work the schedule around family commitments. I don't want any of my employees having to hold their breath and feel guilty about wanting to do family things during work hours. This way of doing business works well for my employees and I can sleep at night knowing you can work outside of the home and still be there for your children when needed.  

I am fortunate enough to own a business where we provide a service that is able to help families (and our single clients) maintain a clean and organized home which leads them to a peace of mind.