Does a Certification Really Matter?

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Of course it matters! To be the best you have to study, train, and evaluate. Precision Clean of Fayetteville and Precision Clean of Columbia require all new employees to become certified by The Maid Training Academy before they are allowed to work on their own without supervision.

This allows us to hire employees who may not have cleaning experience but are willing to learn the "Precision Clean standards." Our certification program allows our new employees to receive the same training and at least get the "book smarts" before they enter our client's homes.  

Why does a certification matter?

For our Cleaning Technicians:

-Challenges them to learn new techniques of cleaning for their health and well being (cleaning a house is hard on the body!)

-Encourages to keep their skills current-by learning about new products or better ways of doing things.

-Creates feelings of personal accomplishment and worth. They are confident in their abilities and are ready to take on new challenges and to tackle big jobs even when they seem overwhelming!

For Precision Clean: 

-Provides assurance that our cleaning technicians are competent, knowledgeable, and safe from harm.

-Helps assure quality work.

-Creates trust that the company will be positively portrayed in front of clients.

For Our Clients: 

-Provides independent verification that the individual and company are qualified.

-Creates trust that they will receive quality work.

-Produces confidence that workers are current in their knowledge and expertise.  

All our certified cleaning technicians go through announced and unannounced inspections to ensure they are using all the principles and techniques they have learned in their training. This allows the management team to make sure everyone is cleaning the same way and to the same high standard we require! 


Precision Clean LLC takes pride in the fact that our residential cleaning techs are certified and always willing and able to show our clients the high standards they maintain!

Lauren Taylar