Effective Laundry Tips For Your Clothing

Laundry is an important aspect of house cleaning. We all want our clothes to always look brand new and spotless with no bad smell. Nobody likes it when their favorite white top gets pinkish just because they forgot to split the clothes. Not to mention stubborn stains – this can be so frustrating. That said, below are some effective solutions to common laundry problems.

Replace Fabric Softener

If you discover that most chemical perfumes found in fabric softeners trigger your allergies, then you may want to replace that. Try using vinegar instead, as it not only works as a good fabric softener, but also helps to get rid of soap residue.

Separate Your Clothes

This might be old school, but a lot of people still forget to do that. Probably the laundry has piled up and you don’t have the energy to start sorting clothes one after another. However, it’s something you must do if you don’t want your white clothes not to be so white again.

Brightening of Whites and Other Colors

Do you know that just adding a little vinegar or salt to your laundry can brighten your clothes colors? Adding vinegar or salt to your laundry rinse cycle does wonders to your clothing and even less expensive than other related products.

Bleeding Colors

Sometimes, you may accidentally soak bleeding color clothes with whites. Don’t load the stained clothes back into the dryer, as the heat of the machine can actually set the stain to stay. What you should do instead is to soak the stained clothes in equal part of ammonia and water with few drops of dish soap.

Don’t Over-dry and Don’t Overload

Don’t overload your dryer because it causes excessive wrinkling on your clothes. And you shouldn’t over-dry either, as it will cause static cling.

Lint on Dark Clothing

Lint can be quite unpleasant for dark clothes. So, always launder dark clothes separately. Don’t wash them with towels, socks or any other lint filled fabric. Doing so will most likely leave lint on your dark clothes. Nevertheless, if you accidentally wash them together with other clothes, you can add vinegar to the rinse cycle. This reduces a good amount of the lint on the dark clothes.

Dark Jeans

Use cold water for washing of dark jeans. You can also turn them inside out before washing. This reduces the fading extent of the jean. In addition, set the dryer at a low temperature.

Delicate Fabrics

Fabrics like lace trimmed skirt, silk shawl, beaded blouse, etc., are quite delicate and should not be put into the washer. Wash them separately with soap and cold water.

Washing Temperature

Hot water offers the most effective and quickest cleaning for most laundry, as it helps minimize dye loss and reduces wear wrinkles in clothing. Set your machine to wash at 61 degrees F. This makes for an effective laundry because most detergents are formulated to clean best at this temp.

Removing Tea/Coffee Stains

Use bleach to pre-soak the clothes for at least 10 hours. Then wash at the hottest temperature specific to the particular fabric.

These are just some of the tips for effective laundry. We hope you found it useful.

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