for individuals and families

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Whoever coined the old phrase "the devil is in the details" certainly hadn't had his house cleaned by Precision Clean

Regular Cleaning Appointments


Since regularly-scheduled cleaning is the best way to keep your home in excellent condition, Precision Clean specializes in regular service visits for the busy family or individual.

We offer these cleaning schedules…

Weekly | Biweekly | Monthly

Our most preferred service is every two weeks, but we will work with you to custom-build a cleaning schedule based on the needs of your household.


Special Occasions


Of course, regular cleaning appointments don't work for everyone. Don't stress when the holidays are approaching or family and friends are visiting. Our team is available for clients who only need our services every once in a while.


Moving into a new home

Let us make sure every room is move-in ready!


Moving out of an apartment / rental house

Don't risk losing your security deposit because you don't have time to clean properly! We know all of the details that most property managers are looking for when they do your walk-through, and we can help ensure that the job is done right!


Bringing home a new baby

Let our team provide peace-of-mind by sanitizing and straightening your home so that you can relax and enjoy this special time with the littlest member of your family.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“These ladies are hardworking, trustworthy & do an AMAZING job! 🙌🏼”

- Josie Marie


How it works


Precision Clean is all about making things easier so we have streamlined the booking process all the way to your sparkling house!


1. Use our instant booking form to get a price range for the service you are looking for.


2. Book your cleaning and select three dates that work best for you.


3. Our cheery office staff will give you a call, go over the details, finalize the range, collect a $50 deposit, and confirm your date and time.


4. You will receive an email reminder a few days before your scheduled clean and a text reminder the night before.


5. A qualified, motivated team will descend upon your house and give it a “precision clean.”

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6. Once complete, our office will call you to go over the final price.

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Along with the highest quality cleaning services in the Fayetteville, Columbia and Charleston areas, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our staff and guarantee that every experience you have with our house cleaning professionals will be a great one!

Fill out the instant quote form and let us do the dirty work!

Prices starting at $90 for a routine recurring cleaning - depends on square footage



for corporate housing management companies
and AirBNB / VRBO hosts

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We make it an easy process to hire us on a routine basis or for last minute reservations if required. We understand these apartments and houses are the home away from home for business executives and families.


We just don't make sure the home is clean and adequately prepared…

we make sure they feel right at home as soon as they step over the threshold


We know that a review about their stay is personal and affects everyone involved. That's why we make sure everything is done to the utmost of your satisfaction.

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We are willing to use any of your property management apps like Properly to guarantee the home is set up just like you want it and can send pictures of various areas of the home for verification.


We can customize a full-scale cleaning program that has exactly what you need. We can come once a week while a tenant is present for a routine clean and linen service, once a month for a deep clean, or just after a tenant has departed.


We make the process as seamless as possible from start to finish. Ask us how we can assist with preparing the home for it’s next guest (restocking coffee, verifying dishcloths are available, etc).

easy invoicing

We can also provide monthly invoicing in order to provide less work for the management companies.



Need a quote?

Please feel free to call for more information and how we can be a partner in managing your properties.


The Dirty Details

What we clean

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Standard cleaning services


Throughout the home

  • Top to bottom dusting – including window ledges & furniture (baseboards included with deep clean service only.)

  • Floors & stairs vacuumed

  • Stair railings/spindles wiped

  • Throw rugs– vacuumed & shaken out

  • Waste baskets & garbage cans emptied

  • All glass surfaces cleaned – including mirrors, stove tops, etc.

  • Vents dusted

  • Ceiling fans/light fixtures dusted

  • Blinds dusted

  • Fingerprints/smudges removed from appliances, countertops

  • Beds made – linen change optional, couch cushions & pillows straightened

  • Blankets folded & neatly draped

**Additional services: windows and exterior windows (if windows fold in)



  • Counter tops

  • Small kitchen appliances

  • Crumbs emptied from toaster

  • Microwave inside & out

  • Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher & trash compactor exteriors

  • Sink, faucet, & drain

  • Dust window sills

  • Dust light fixtures

  • Vacuum & mop floors

  • Trash emptied

  • Cabinet exteriors

  • Clean glass doors

**Additional services: inside refrigerator and inside oven



  • Sinks, counter-tops, mirrors, & faucets (also polished)

  • Toilet

  • Vacuum floors & rugs

  • Mop floors

  • Empty trash

  • Shower stall/glass door

  • Bathtub/soap dish

  • Remove soap scum

  • Paper holder/towel racks

  • Exterior cabinets

  • Dust window sills

  • Replace towels & linens

Move-in /out cleaning

Facing a big move can be a daunting task! For those who rent homes, it is important to leave your space as clean as possible to ensure that you get your rent deposit back. If you are moving into a new home, you want to ensure that your new home is clean and ready for your family.


Additional cleaning tasks we help with:

Clean inside oven
Clean inside refrigerator
Dust blinds and baseboards
Clean inside cabinets/drawers/closets

All the little extras...

Sometimes you need a little something in addition to our standard house cleaning services. If that is the case, just let us know your specific needs and in most cases, we will be able to accommodate you.


Common "extras" we offer:

Wash dishes
Clean interior windows
Sweep exterior porch
Sweep or vacuum garage
Clean interior of fridge

Clean interior of freezer
Clean interior of oven
Clean interior of cabinets
Vacuum furniture
Move & clean underneath large Area rugs


Before and after photos

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Frequently asked questions


Why should I hire Precision Clean instead of an individual housekeeper?

You may think that it would be less expensive to hire an individual housekeeper, but there are many hidden costs and logistical factors to consider.

  1. Precision Clean gives you the power of an entire team of technicians without the need to hire staff, conduct background checks, or keep up with payroll. We handle it all for you.
  2. Every member of our staff is bonded, insured, and carefully screened to ensure your confidence. Most individual cleaning specialists are unable to offer this level of insurance to clients.
  3. Every technician is an employee of Precision Clean, which means that we cover all payroll tax issues. We never hire independent contractors.
  4. Our attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction carries over into every facet of your experience. The benefit of having an entire team on your side means that your individual needs will never be lost in the shuffle while juggling multiple clients. You will receive the same level of service, every time.
  5. No cancelled appointments, no matter what. Never be left doing the job yourself. If one of our employees misses work, your level of service will not be affected.
  6. Unlike most individual cleaning technicians, we bring everything we need to clean your home, because we know you have other things to do

How often should I have my house cleaned?

Most clients choose weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service. It depends upon how many details you want to take care of between visits, your budget, and other household needs. Whatever you choose, we can build a cleaning plan to meet your needs. We are also available for one-time cleaning visits, special events, bringing-home-baby thorough house cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and more.

How long will it take to clean my home?

The answer to this question varies from home to home. It depends on the type of service you have scheduled and how many cleaning technicians are assigned to your home. For larger jobs, two technicians are assigned to your home so that the process is completed as quickly as possible, while ensuring that we cover all of the important details. Based on the size of your home, three technicians may be assigned to your home. We can give you an average time if requested.

How much will it cost to clean my home?

Every home is unique in size and upkeep. We base our pricing off the square footage and the condition of the home on the day of your cleaning. We can give you a $75 price range based on the square footage of your home. Please complete a quote request on our website for detailed pricing and you can choose to add on any special items that may need some extra attention.

How do I prepare for a cleaning visit?

The more clutter free your home, the easier it will be to clean, which saves us time and saves you money. By tidying and organizing before our appointment you lessen the risk something important will be misplaced, like a child's favorite doll or an important piece of mail. We understand that sometimes life gets out of control and the house becomes a casualty. If you need us to pick up large amounts of scattered toys that need to be put away, wash and dry a sink full of dirty dishes, and pick up lots of laundry from the floor, we will be happy to do it, but there is an extra charge for excessive clutter. No matter what, we have seen it all. If you think that your home is too dirty for us to come and clean, you may need us the most, and we are glad to help.

Do you wash dishes?

We will be happy to rinse and place dishes left from your breakfast the morning of your cleaning into your dishwasher. We realize getting out the door on time is a feat! We do charge extra for sinks more than half filled with dishes, pots, and pans.

Who provides the cleaning products and equipment?

Precision Clean provides all the equipment and supplies needed to clean your home. We pride ourselves on using the best professional cleaning supplies and equipment. Due to liability, we are unable to use any cleaning equipment and supplies but our own without a signed liability release statement. Please note, we are unable to accept responsibility for products or equipment we do not provide, or the results from their use.

How do you hire, screen, and train the cleaning technicians on your staff?

At Precision Clean we focus on hiring warm people, not warm bodies. We look for enthusiastic cleaning professionals who are focused on customer service. Our extensive hiring and screening process includes:

  • Application Review
  • Initial Phone Interview
  • Personal Interview
  • Social Security Trace & Employment Eligibility Verification
  • State Criminal Database Search
  • Local County Criminal Check
  • Professional & Personal Reference Check
  • Employment History Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check

Every new member of our team goes through an extensive on-the-job training program that takes them from a "person who cleans houses" to a certified cleaning technician. All cleaners have been certified through the Maid Training Academy and are considered Certified Cleaning Technicians.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. We do require a credit card to be maintained on file; however, if you choose to pay by check or cash that is fine too. The credit card would only be charged if you forgot to leave payment. You will receive an emailed receipt if we run your credit card. Payment must be received on the same day of service. A $50 deposit is required for first time clients. It locks in your date and time of your clean. That deposit goes towards the total of your cleaning service.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No need to sign a contract. We want you to keep us because you can't live without us! We will send you a Customer Service Agreement once you are booked for your first clean which states you understand our agreed upon cleaning procedures and company policies. You may cancel your service at any time.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to your scheduled service. This will allow us to possibly rebook your time slot and give your cleaning technicians an opportunity to get back those lost work hours. There is a cancellation fee of $100 for less than 48 hour cancellations. If your cleaning technician(s) show up and their services are not required or no access is granted (forgot to leave key, etc.), the charge will be a $100 lock-out fee. We do send email and text reminders so you won't forget when you are scheduled. We will not be able to schedule your next service until these fees are resolved.

What if something gets damaged during the cleaning process?

Our certified cleaning technicians are trained to take extra time and care with your valuables, including electronics, computer equipment, and fragile collectibles. If there is something you prefer we do not touch then please let us know. If something does get damaged while we are cleaning your home, the team will leave you a note, or inform you in person if you are home. The office will follow up with a phone call to determine the best course of action to take to repair or replace the broken or damaged item. We do our best to repair or replace anything we damage during your cleaning. The most tragic type of damage is that of something irreplaceable with either monetary or sentimental value. Rather than be sorry, the safest way to protect these items is to store them away on your cleaning day, or instruct us not to clean such items. Precision Clean is not responsible for breakage due to normal wear and tear, deterioration cause by age, or damage caused by improper assembly, construction, or mounting of an item. Please inform us prior to our first clean if any items in your home require this type of attention.

Will I get the same team every time?

We make every effort to send the same team to your home for every cleaning. This is beneficial to you since you are comfortable with your team and is beneficial to us because that team knows the "ins and outs" of your home. Occasionally a member of your team may be sick or have a day off, in which case we will send a cleaning professional who has been in your home before. We understand your concern with having the same individuals cleaning your home on a consistent basis, but rest assured that all our employees successfully complete our training program and have been certified by the Maid Training Academy and have passed rigorous testing and inspections. We do maintain client notes on each home so those "special instructions" are always noted on your file and the cleaners have access to these notes.

What about my furbabies?

We love pets! If your dog or cat is comfortable with us then they are free to roam the house while we are there. Most dogs give us some loud "hellos" when the cleaners are coming in your home then they get bored watching them clean and go take a nap. We do like to know prior to us coming to your home (or leave us a note) the pet’s name so we can talk to them and make them feel comfortable. Some of our clients leave treats out for us to give the pets so the adjustment to new faces and smells is easier. If a pet does exhibit aggressive behavior while we are present working, we may ask you to contain him or her during our visit.

Will you pick up pet accidents?

Human and animal urine and feces, medical syringes, mucus, vomit, and blood all fall into the categories of biological hazards and bloodborne pathogens. We train our cleaning technicians to avoid potential biological hazards and bloodborne pathogens beyond what is part of our cleaning procedure. We clean around them to the best of our ability and notify you of their presence.

Will you clean behind my furniture and appliances?

For liability reasons, we are restricted from moving or lifting items weighing more than 45 pounds. We dust behind and under furniture as far as we can reach with our extension pole and poly wool duster. We will be happy to clean behind furniture and appliances if you move it out and back for us. Please be aware we cannot be responsible for scratches to your floor resulting from furniture that lacks floor protectors.

Do you offer carpet cleaning/shampooing?

At this time, Precision Clean does not offer professional carpet cleaning or shampooing. We do recommend that if you are hiring another company to clean your carpets you allow us to clean your home first. A lot of dust from windows, blinds, cobwebs, and baseboards will be coming down on your freshly cleaned carpet. We will vacuum up all the dust in preparation for your carpets to be cleaned.

Should I tip my team?

We have no policy against team members accepting tips for great service, but it is important to us to stress that your service is 100% inclusive and a tip is never required to ensure a great cleaning experience. A note, email, call to the office, or a review left on either Google, Facebook, or Yelp is also a great way to let our techs know how they did.

Can I hire one of your certified cleaning technicians directly?

Precision Clean makes a significant investment in recruiting, certifying, and training only the most qualified cleaning team members. Each team member signs a non-compete agreement which prohibits them from working directly for our clients during or for one year after employment with Precision Clean. We ask that you abide by this same agreement. By accepting our service you agree not to solicit, directly or indirectly, or hire any current or former Precision Clean employee who has cleaned or provided a service in your home without the written consent from Precision Clean or without compensating Precision Clean for its loss.


Ready for us to do the dirty work?

Families and individuals

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Corporate housing management companies & AirBNB / VRBO hosts

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